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What is commission?

The personal labor income you obtain through the YY live broadcast platform is the YY commission. The final interpretation right belongs to Guangzhou Huaduo Network Technology Co., Ltd.

What is Huya Commission?

The personal labor income you obtain through the Huya Live Broadcasting Platform is the Huya commission. The right of final interpretation belongs to Huya Information Technology Co., Ltd.

How to withdraw commissions?

1) Enter the commission withdrawal page and fill in your real information: your name, the bank card number you want to use, and the bank name corresponding to the bank card number.

2) Fill in the mobile phone verification code (the mobile phone number here must be the number of the confidential mobile phone you have bound). If your account is not bound to a secret mobile phone, or you want to change the secret mobile phone number, click ‘Change’ next to it to enter the security center to set or change it.

3) Fill in the commission amount you want to withdraw. Note: The commission withdrawal must be a whole number, and the withdrawal amount must not be less than 1 yuan. (Your actual withdrawal amount is based on the actual amount after deducting taxes and bank fees)

Commission withdrawal process, without the bank you want to use?

Commission withdrawal. In order to clear your account more clearly and play more recharge systems, only supports: Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of Communications, China Merchants Bank, China Construction Bank, Minsheng Bank, China Everbright Bank, CITIC Bank, Industrial Bank , Guangdong Development Bank and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

How to calculate the commission withdrawal and final account amount?

When the commission is withdrawn, the final amount received is deducted from taxes and bank fees. The types of taxes to be deducted are: business tax, urban construction tax, income tax and surcharges. Since the withdrawal amount needs to be transferred to the bank account you use, we need to charge a bank transfer fee. Calculated as follows:

Amount after tax = Amount before tax (filled cash withdrawal amount)-Business tax-Urban construction tax-Income tax-Surcharge

Actual credited amount = after-tax amount-bank transfer fee

How does the commission transfer to Y coins?

The commission can not only be withdrawn, but also converted into Y coins for use:

Enter the commission to Y currency page, fill in the amount of Y currency you want to redeem, get the verification code through the secret security phone corresponding to your account, fill it out, and click OK to complete. Note: Your account must be an account with a secret-protected mobile phone that can be used normally. If it is not bound or you want to modify the security phone, please click Change to enter the security center to bind or modify it.

What is an entry record?

Commission records, you can query your commission source by time, to better help you understand your commission account.

What is a billing record?

Commission payment records, you can view your commission expenses, and help you better understand your commission account.